Saturday, January 31, 2009

modesty blaise

Ahhh,Modesty Blaise...the most famous woman spy in all comic book history,my imaginery love from my puberty :):):):):):)...............This is another drawing for the UPPS Forum.....


And this is my version of "The Bone With No Name" :):):) I did this for the UPPS sketchbook (


And of course,there"s got to be a wedding at the end of every fairytale :):):)

a fairytale

This is my first experience with the Photoshop CS2 and digital colloring,hope you like it :).This was my free adaptation of one of the Brother's Grimm fairytales,and this comic contains 36 pages.It was ordered by a Bulgarian publisher,and i hope it'll be printed soon :):):):)


These are 2 (of 4) pages from an comic that i did when i was resting from other projects and it's more an experiment with the crime and suspence theme :):):):):):):)

the story of the great firm

Here are 3 pages (of 5) from the comic that won the 2nd prize at the 6th International Comics Showroom 2008 held in Veles,Macedonia.Also this is my first collaboration with the writer from Bitola,Jove Krsteski (a.k.a. Jovche Krstitelche) and it turn out great,so we'll be working togehter again in the future :):):):):)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Her are 2 pages (from 4) from a comic that i did with the writer Davor Dramikanin from Skopje.This is my first colaboration with him,and we prepared this comic for the 6th International Comic Showroom held in Belgrade in september 2008


An SF inspired illustration that i did a while ago.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sergio Bonneli Editore

These are drawings of the main comic book characters of two comic books that i like,published by Italian publisher Sergio Bonneli.The characters are

-Dylan Dog with his associate Groucho (that remarkably looks like Groucho Marx)
-Martin Mystere with his associate Java and his nemesis Sergei Orloff

taxi driver

Don't ask..........:):):):)

bad luck

This is one-page comic that i do in my free time.It's about a guy called Bad Luck that will beat the crap out of anybody if you pay him well..:-)

one,two...testing,testing :-)

Here i tested my skill of inking with brush....After a while i think that i'll be pretty good :-):-):-)


This is illustrations that i did as a tribute to the comic book series called "Vekovnici" (i don't know how exactly is the translation,perhaps "Century Men" is close enough) that are written by the Serbian writer Marko Stojanovic and drawn by many artists from the Balkan,such as Srdjan Nikolic.Milorad Vicanovic,Vlada Aleksic,Sotirovsi,The Micho....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

fan art....AGAIN!!!

Sandman,Corto Maltese.Marv.......:-):-):-):-).............

Friday, January 23, 2009

the old stuff 2

The old stuf part two:):):):)................

the old stuff

Here are some pages from one old comic book of mine,that i did 3 or 4 years ago.The story was a little bit with "alternative"sensibillity,and rather darkish :):):):)..............Like my name,Darko :):):)..........

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

character designs

These are some characters designs that i did in my free time resting from other projects :):):):)

Monday, January 19, 2009


A little tribute to Blacksad,awesome french comic book :)

fan art

I'm a great fan of the first "The Crow" movie,so here is one fan art illustration that i did almost a year ago.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my first post

Hello!!!This is my first post to my first blog ever!!!Isn't that cool?Short introduction-my name is Darko Bogdanov i'm from Macedonia,i am 24 years old,blah blah blah :):):):).........Also i am enthusiastic "wanna be" comic artist an illustrator :):):) this is the place where i will put my works,hope you'll like it!
P.S. I do apologize for my crapy english :)